This afternoon was the launch of the work of project Truth in Scotland. A group of around 15 young people make up Project Truth so far, and 6 of us were out on the streets of Edinburgh spreading the conception message: A baby is alive from conception and not a moment later.


I wanted to blog about this because I wanted to share some of the experiences of some of the people I spoke with today. Many people walked passed us, seeing our posters of babies in the womb and choosing to not be interested in the debate or know what we are about. One of the most touching moments though, was knowing that people were about to walk right passed me then saw the picture of the 10 week old baby in the womb. Then they were listening. Seeing the hands and toes of the little babies really got people talking. Even a few boys who claimed to be gay also claimed their pro-life values and even helped us with our project:


There were two very touching moments. The first, for me, was when one man came up and said that he thought this would be very upsetting for women. His wife had an abortion 6 years ago because of medical complications and has never gotten over it. After discussing with him the aims of our project, the man really began to see the good in what we were doing. It was heart-wrenching to hear of lost fatherhood from a man who was devastated to lose his child. What the Project Youth team discussed afterwards was the need to let women know that abortion is a choice and if a woman medically needs to end a pregnancy (which is extremely rare) then this is not an abortion, this is not choice. The man left happy knowing what our aims were, but I would always urge victims of abortion to seek help and healing: Rachel’s Vineyard and ARCH are good organisations to help women dealing with post-abortion issues.

The second most touching moment was when we met this lovely couple:


who were overjoyed to see our pro-life work taking shape. The Italian couple were excited to see the life size model of a 12 week old baby in the womb as the woman herself was 12 weeks pregnant. It was such a joy to see!

This blog post has been very casual and easy to write. Today was a brilliant start for the pro-life movement in Scotland. I leave you with a picture of the Project Youth Team who were at the launch today.




I had read reports over a year ago about an abortion provider who birthed babies alive and then killed the deliberately. Shocking. And when I reported this to my friends and families, their disbelief was slowly diluted. In today’s works this is normal: the butchering of babies, alive, was normal.

The trial of Kermit Gosnell began on 18th March 2013. Among the 43 charges faced with, Gosnell is charged also withy the first degree murder of 7 newborn babies and murder in the third degree of an adult woman patient. I will unamused their names because this blogpost is about the pro-life reaction to the case and what the next steps need to be for the future.

The Grand Dury Report of the Gosnell trial states that the abortion provider undertook hundreds of illegal abortions post the 24 week legal limit. Further, a number of babies, an unknown number of babies, were born alive and subsequently murdered by the doctor and his employees. It is estimated that the abortion provider’s business netted millions of a dollars a year. Millions in killing babies and hurting women. Babies notwithstanding, Gosnell seriously injured a umber of patients by performing incomplete terminations and administering wrong drug doses. If found guilty, the doctor will be sentenced to the death penalty.

The trial of Gosnell began a month ago, a trial which saw a media ghost town occur. On the day the trial began, there was one report by mainstream media in the US. Pro-life advocates had to hear about the progression of the trial from Christian media such as Pro-lifers began to wonder, why are the media not covering the case of. Man who murdered 7 babies, a serial killer and rogue doctor. And it dawned on us. Media coverage of Gosnell trial would force a discussion of abortion morality; a discussion the president, media and givernment funded abolition pushers were not prepared to have. Then we stepped in. The Pro-life advocates. The people standing up for life. The people who knew the inconvenient truth about covering the Gosnell trial.Last Friday thousands of Pro-lifers took part in a social media overtake to force the media to cover the story. Slowly but surely media began to pick up on the demand. Even though we faced censorship from Twitter owners, we began to see snippets of the trial in the media. Globally the Pro-life movement came together and pushed the shame of the media into the public eye. The solidarity of the people protecting life gave me a new hope, a breathe of fresh air in my motives for fighting against the killing of unborn babies and hurting of mothers.

But the aim of this blogpost is to illuminate the solidarity and to encourage pro-lifers to continue to speak out against abortion. It is ot enough to send a tweerote two. You need to write to your MPs, attend Pro-life marches and protests, hand out leaflets. But mostly, you cannot be silent anymore. You have to stand up. The recent demand for media to cover the trial shows the world that our cause is alive, it is real, and we will not be beaten by Roe v Wade.

If you need any advice on what is going on Scotland or the UK contact me via the information on the About page.

For a list of network connections or Pro-life organisations near you, email me.

Silence is condoning. Condoning is supporting.





In 2009 I, among many, have always adopted the stance on abortion that advocated that I would never have an abortion, but I can’t stop someone who does. I have since realised the scape-goat nature of this statement. People, in an age, where students fight for study rights, and the unemployed fight for their financial support. Amnesty fight for freedom. And me? Well I discovered that I need to stand up and fight for life. Because of all of the different people fighting for different things, this is the one group of people, children, who cannot fight for themselves. The unborn.

So I began, saying I was pro-life. When asked that was my response. I think abortion is wrong. Was it enough? No. Because then I encountered women, destroyed by abortion. Not allowed by society to talk of the child they lost. Forbidden by their church, family or friends to acknowledge their grief, feel their loss. Mothers without children. Regretting, suffering, hurt, broken mothers. No direction was left, their child was gone and who was standing up for them? Who was fighting for the right for this to never be allowed to happen to them again? I am.

So now, when I have a friend who opposes abortion but are silent, I have to say it is not enough. We are not being heard. And the fingers, toes, heart beats and hair of the 10 week old babies are being mutilated in the womb. It is not ok, and the savagery of abortion is slowly being revealed. In an era where women are encouraged to stand up and say I am a mother without a child and I am devastated (see also Silent No More Campaign), in an era where doctors are birthing babies alive and then refusing the save them because they were ‘supposed to come out dead.’ It is time to stand up, to not be ashamed of your fight for life, to not be bullied or backed down by ‘feminists’ who argue that mutilating what it is to be a woman, to become more masculine is the only way to be a successful women. These ‘feminist’ advocates are suppressing true womanhood by offering liberation by becoming like a man. This is not feminism or liberation. This is oppression cloaked in feminist liberation. To truly fight the feminist cause one must become more womanly, be more proud of womanhood and to cherish the uniqueness of the female: to love your womb and love your child.

True feminism is pro-woman, pro- life or as a smart cookie said when I was travelling with her ‘pro-womb-an’.

To be pro-life is to be silent no more.

Watch this space for the Pro-life movement in Scotland. It is gaining momentum. We will win.